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I remember how everything started... it was a couple of years back, when I worked at Mr. Germaine's farm, he had a daughter about my age. Her name was Lizzie. We all called her "Sweet Lizzie" because she was is just adorable... back then, I helped Mr. Germaine in all kinds of labor. When someone needed something at the farm, I was there to help them.
One day, not long after Thanksgiving, Mr. Germaine told me that they are going to visit some family, so I would take care of the house and take care of Sweet Lizzie, because she would stay at home. So, once the Germaine's were gone, I was reading on the porch when I heard Sweet Lizzie in the kitchen: "Mr. William, can you help me please?" I obey, and boy I came into the kitchen for quite a view! Lizzie had pulled out all the leftovers from Thanksgiving; the table was covered in food.
I was staggered, Lizzie was in front of the table, in her father's usual chair. When I saw all the food I exclaimed: "Lizzie! Good golly! Your father will be so angry for this! All this food will go to waste!"
She looked at me and said: "Mr. William, you will have to help me. My parents wanted to punish me for my bad behavior. I was promiscuous with the neighbor boy, so to punish me my father decided I'll have to eat all this food."
I couldn't believe my ears. "All this food? But you'll be so fat if you eat all this!"
"Well, Mr. William, it's a punishment, so I imagine that my parents wanted that." It sounded unbelievable, but I never refused when asked for help, so I imagine that if Mr. Germaine wanted to punish Lizzie, he would wanted me to help, so my duty obliges me to help her eat all the food.
So, we started with the turkey, despite the good dinner we all had on Thanksgiving, it was plenty of meat left, so Lizzie started to eat and chew all of that. She ate and ate, almost three pounds of food get into her belly, it was bloated and swelled, rising from inside her dress.
After all that food was gone, Lizzie wanted me to feed her the pies that were left. Her mother had cooked a lot of food, so there was almost 4 pumpkin pies left from the feast. I fed Lizzie the first one, which caused her belly to rise and grow more, and she started burping massively. The second and third only made her belly bigger. She looked like she was nine months pregnant now.
The last pumpkin pie was hard, I believe because Lizzie's belly was too swelled, and she barely could eat another bite. She burped with every slice, and rubbed her belly compulsively, to try and make some room for more pie.
When she finished eating all the pies and her belly looked bloated and ready to explode, I said to her:
"Sweetie, you shouldn't eat the rest! I know your parents want to punish your bad behavior, but it's too much! If I feed you all this, you'll burst!"
"No! We have to keep going! Otherwise my parents will beat me for not completing my punishment! Feed me more!" she was bloated beyond belief. Her round belly rising upward every time she breathed, so big and stuffed, I had no option but comply, I grab the stuffing that was left and fed the big bowl to the hungry Lizzie.
Then I fed her the casserole and bread that's left, her belly rose more and more as she ate, her stomach growing more and more with each bite, I said "Good Lordy, Lizzie! You are turning into such a piggy! I'm sure you can eat more and more, don't you?"
She looked at me, amazed and in pain from all the food consumed and said:
"No, Mr. William, I can't eat anymore, but thankfully we finished!"
"But there's plenty of food left in the kitchen, Lizzie! I bet all of it is for your punishment! I believe that all this food is here to turn you into a fat, slobbish hippo, isn't it?"
she was amazed when she heard me, and even more amazed she was when I started to feed her again.
"No please! No more food! I'll burst!"
"Oh, come on Lizzie! You always wanted to eat like this, didn't you? You are such a pig, such a big fatty that likes to eat like a hog, and surely you will be treated like one when we are finished!"
So I kept on feeding her, there were cakes, and more beef, some pudding and chickens, ready to be eaten by the hungry pig, and ready to stuff her belly even more. "Do you like this, Lizzie? are you satisfied being turned into a pig? If you keep eating like this you'll end up with the pigs! Surely you eat more than all of them combined! Come on, eat more hippo!"
She looked disgusting, her big, massive blob of a belly growing and growing, all of her chest and face covered in sauce and sweet from the pies. The more she ate, the bigger her belly got. More food comes and her stomach swells to a massive state. She looked ready to be put with the other pigs and fed until reaching a immobile state, I paused, just enough to ask:
"You like this, Lizzie? Wanna eat some more?"
"Yes! Golly, I could eat pie all day long!"
"Funny you said that, because we have more pies here!" I started feeding her all the pies that were left in the house and some other food. Her belly was so bloated that I believed she will have to hold it, but as she ate, the skin looked tighter, and her stomach looked more and more bloated, she burped and moaned, first, 5 pies go down, then 10, then 20, then we have only a few slices left, and Lizzie had turned into the fattest pig I ever seen.
"Care for more, Lizzie? Are you going to explode or you want more?"
She belches and said, "Yes, I want more! Please feed me!"
"Alright, here it comes, feedee pig!" I started to shovel the remaining slices of pie inside her mouth. She chewed with joy, with endless hunger. the more she ate, the more her belly rose. She kept getting bigger and bigger, her stomach bloated and fat beyond belief, she ate one, then 4, then all the food that remained is a single slice of pie. Her obscenely fat body spills out in every direction; her belly was so massive and bloated that she might be considered a beached whale.
After that beached whale stuffing session, I was amazed to see how fat Lizzie had become. She can eat tons now, and tons she ate indeed, she hit 500 lbs in no time, and people started to look at her amazed, bemused sometimes, and tease her with all class of names: "pig" "nasty hippo" "disgusting fat whale" and laugh and say "Look at the big fat pig. Isn't she enormous?"
It was around that time when the fair passed the city, the owner of the fair, one Mr. Barnum, said that Lizzi was ideal for the Fat Lady spot on his freak show, so we struck a deal. He would supply Lizzie with food and he can tour her and her belly around. She wanted me to go as her special feeder, so I packed my bags and came along with the freak show.
Every day was the same routine, people get into the show, and I fed Lizzi huge amounts of food, she was always full, stuffed and bloated from all the things she ate, all the people stare at her, amazed, and then started to say:
"Look at that fat girl! So disgusting!"
"She eats like a pig! Looks like one too!"
"Look mommy! That lady's belly is enormous and disgusting!"
"Such a whale! Someone should make her stop! Won't be me, cause my fingers will be bitten."
Then, after the shock passes, people start to laugh and point at Lizzie, commenting on her massive body.
Everyday, after the show, I kept feeding Lizzie to make her even fatter, so she kept getting bigger and bigger, apparently all the laughs and comments on her fatness turned her on, because she ate even more when I remind her of that. Soon she became the fattest person on earth, as she weighs more than 1000 pounds.
She ate more than 50 pounds of food for the show everyday, and another 50 at nights, her belly was always full, never empty, and she was always stuffed to the point of exploding.
On her last show, when she reached up to 1200 pounds,she intend to eat nonstop until we find her maximum capacity. It was crazy, as food continuously flowed into her belly. Amazingly, her stomach bloat more and started to grow. By the end of the first day, she kept eating all night, and soon ate more than 200 pounds of food. She kept getting fatter and fatter, eating and eating, turning herself into a massive blob of fat, the biggest pig the world has seen. She kept eating and eating, growing fatter and more disgusting, until 7 days passed. On the seventh day, she was reaching her limit, she weighed more than 1500 pounds and you could feel her stomach stretching with every chew. Then, she wanted to eat a massive cake, we bring it to her and I fed it to her. I knew she wouldn't hold for much longer, and we all heard the creaking of her stomach. Finally, when I was about to feed her the last slice, I heard a loud creaking sound. I wanted to stop, but Lizzie begged me to carry on. I stuffed the slice in her mouth, and the moment she swallowed it, her belly exploded!
Sweet Lizzie aka freak show
This is a tale about a girl who wants to get fat and the young man who helps her. 

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Hello my lovelies. My name is Lady Germaine and I love anime, cosplaying, reading, manga, cats and pigs and will often call men pigs in my stories. I also write, what others think are, erotic wg fiction. I also subscribe to the notion that if you give me a llama, I will give you a llama back. Oh and if you're curious about the picture, its :icondevilmaycrygirl17: and I.

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